The Best Forex Trading Platform

Best forex trading platform

A trading platform allows traders to trade in the financial markets and manage their trading portfolios, which can be used for both, demo trading as well as live trading. 

Traders should choose a trading platform carefully because this particular decision will help them get a definite edge while trading.

Popular Forex Trading Platforms For All Traders


MetaTrader 4 and its successor, MetaTrader 5 are the most widely used forex trading platforms. Both MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 were developed by a Cyprus-based company named ‘Metaquotes Inc’. The company used cutting-edge technology to develop mobile and web-based versions of the trading platforms to make trading easier for all kinds of traders. 

Both MT4 and MT5 have gained huge success in the market because both platforms offer a user-friendly interface, a wide array of tools, and a significant presence in a marketplace where traders can access several trading tools, indicators, scripts, expert advisors, and other services, directly from the trading platform. 

Top MT4/MT5 Brokers : 

1. FP Markets
2. Fxview
5. AvaTrade
6. Hotforex


This is a Java-based trading platform, which allows traders to customize the platform according to their unique requirements. This is arguably the most organized trading platform available in the market right now, as it has detachable windows and tabs, dedicated buttons for graphical representation, and an FXVoyager toolbar for accessing all the important commands. ActTrader consists of 45+ technical indicators with an option to create custom-made indicators as well. A notable feature of this platform is the ‘one-click trading’ functionality that allows traders to open and close positions with a single click, which adds to the convenience of traders.

Top ActTrader Brokers

1.  Fxview
2. GCI Trading
3. The FX Player


This trading platform was developed by Spotware Systems, which is also a Cyprus-based company. The platform was built as a transition software, which means it includes features of retail forex trading software as well as fully professional trading software. cTrader consists of a wide range of trading tools, time frames, charts, and an intuitive interface that makes accessing all the charts, indicators, and tools easier. However, the trading platform only accepts add-on software that is coded with cAlgo. 

Top cTrader Brokers

1. FxPro
2. IC Markets
3. Pepperstone

With so many trading platforms available in the marketplace, it can be tough for traders to determine the right one. So, traders should choose a trading platform that aligns with their requirements and goals in the most suitable way. 

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