Forex trading

What Is Scalping In Forex Trading?

Scalping Forex Trading

Forex traders use various strategies to execute their trade and scalping is one of the most popular trading strategies. This trading strategy aims at making fast profit through small price movements. Scalpers place numerous traders over a period of time to accumulate profits. Scalping is a robust trading strategy, but a demanding trading strategy to […]

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What Is A Forex Trading App?

Forex Trading App

A forex trading app is the easiest access to forex trading right through your smartphone. It provides a bundle of all functionalities and features for trading in the forex market. Choosing the right app for trading is a major task for traders. In this article, we will understand what a forex trading app is and […]

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A Perfect Guide To Hedging

A Perfect Guide To Hedging

Hedging in a layman’s vocabulary is referred to as trimming the bushes to form a hedge but when it comes to trading, hedging is a crucial term that refers to a risk management strategy that protects one’s position in a currency pair from an adverse move. It is mainly referred to as short-term protection that […]

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Best copy trading platforms in 2022

Best copy trading platforms

In simple terms, copy trading is a type of trading where you copy the trades made by a professional trader. Copy trading can be very beneficial for beginners by copying trades of experienced trades, without any sound technical knowledge. If you want to start copy trading, then you need to register yourself with a copy […]

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The Best Forex Trading Platform

Best forex trading platform

A trading platform allows traders to trade in the financial markets and manage their trading portfolios, which can be used for both, demo trading as well as live trading.  Traders should choose a trading platform carefully because this particular decision will help them get a definite edge while trading. Popular Forex Trading Platforms For All […]

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Important Tips For A Beginner In Forex Trading

Forex Trading Tips

Ease of entry in the forex market has made it very easy for anyone to become a forex trader. However, to become a successful trader requires more than just a trading capital.  Below are the 10 simple yet basic tips, if followed together, can greatly increase your odds of becoming successful in the forex market. […]

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Why are Trading Journals Important?

Trading Journals Important

A trading journal consists of a complete record of all the trading activities done by traders over time. Traders write down the outcomes of all their trades to assess their overall performance. A trading journal helps traders to draw objective information when they start doubting their trading system after a series of trade losses. Light […]

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What To Know When Trading GBP/JPY

Trading GBP/ JPY

Informally known as ‘Geppy’ and ‘The Beast’, the GBP/JPY is among the most popular currency pairs to trade. This pair is viewed as a reliable indicator of global economic health. Both Pound Sterling (GBP) and Japanese Yen (JPY) reflect the economic health and policymaking in the UK and Asia-Pacific region respectively.  Despite being used as […]

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What Is A Stop-out Level In Forex And How Does It Work?

Get bigger profits

There are different types of trading styles that traders follow in forex trading, one of which is called ‘margin trading’. This type of trading includes existing and locked-up funds, with the former being called the available equity and the latter being called the used margin. The difference between the two is known as ‘Margin Level. […]

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