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Traders Brace for FOMC Monetary Policy Meeting


With the increase in market uncertainty ahead of the crucial Fed decision, the AUD/USD takes offers to recover its intraday low near 0.7040. The industrial group’s report on Chinese activity may strengthen the retreat actions. Given this, China’s Caixin Manufacturing PMI increased from 49.0 to 49.2 but declined below 49.5 market expectations. Additionally, the six […]

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GBP/USD Pair Attracts Fresh Sellers Ahead of the FOMC and the BoE Meetings


The upside rise on the GBPUSD seems to have lost momentum, but given the important risk events that lie ahead, the move may simply be the result of market participants repositioning themselves in advance of the upheaval. Speaking specifically about the statistics, the Federal Reserve’s favoured inflation indicator, Personal Consumption Expenditures Price Index (PCEPI), matched […]

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The EUR/USD Regained Its Pace Following the PMI Survey

pmi survey

The S&P global Eurozone PMI recorded improvement and is back above 50 no-change level. The return of growth output comes as optimism. EUR/USD currency pair rebounded after experiencing a sudden drop. The European Central Bank expressed concerns over inflation and the president also reaffirmed interest rate hikes. On the other side of the argument, Economic […]

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