High Leverage Brokers in 2022

High Leverage Brokers in 2022

Forex trading is a popular financial market all over the world and that’s probably because it is easily accessible and you can start with any amount you can afford to put at risk. Another important reason is the availability of high leverage that gives traders with low trading capital the opportunity to open large trading positions even if they don’t have a big amount to trade. It might seem to be a lucrative option for many. But it’s recommended not to use it before you learn what it is and what impact it can have on your trades and trading account. After all, success in forex trading is all about making trades when you know what you are doing.

What Are Some of the Highest Leverage Brokers in 2022?

There Are a Lot of High Leverage Brokers That You Can Consider Trading With in 2022.


  • Leverage: 500x
  • Spread: 0.1 pips
  • Minimum Deposit: $5
  • Commission: $2 per $100k round turn
Coinexx logo

Coinexx is a popular forex and crypto trading broker that is known to offer the lowest spreads in the industry, starting from just 0.1 pips. They offer a maximum leverage ratio of 1:500 with no trading restrictions at all. They are one of the highest intraday leverage brokers that offer negative balance protection. It hardly takes any time to create and set up your account with them. 

Coinexx offers MT4 and MT5 trading platforms combined with their trading and analytical tools to make trading easy and hassle-free. The account base currencies offered are USD, BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP and BCC.


  • Leverage: 1:1000
  • Spread: 0.2 pips
  • Minimum Deposit: $50
  • Commission: $8 per $100k round turn
logo lmfx

LMFX is a popular broker with low spread and high leverage used by many traders. They have no commissions or hidden fees which make it a suitable choice for many traders. They offer a 100% Credit Bonus and 15% Recovery bonus to their customers. With them, customers get access to an easy online account management portal and MT4 mobile and desktop platforms. Some of their popular features include VPS hosting, economic calendar, trading calculators, and partnership programs.

Traders get a variety of tools, education materials, contests and bonuses with LMFX. The good thing about having an account with LMFX is that they offer a high level of fund security to their customers.  


  • Leverage: 1:500
  • Spread: 0.1 pips
  • Minimum Deposit: $1
  • Commission: $7 per $100k round turn

They are a high leverage broker that has been serving customers in the forex market. They offer different account types to suit the trading requirements of their customers including ECN, standard and Islamic accounts. Traders get to use two of the most popular trading platforms, MT4 and MT5, where they get fast order execution and a wide selection of expert advisors.

The broker offers blockchain deposits and same day withdrawals. They tend to provide the best trading conditions at affordable trading costs making them a suitable choice for their traders. Because of their quick registration, you can start trading with them in just a few minutes.

Turnkey Forex

  • Leverage: 500x
  • Spread: 0.1 pips
  • Minimum Deposit: $10
  • Commission: $2 per $100k round turn
turnkey forex logo

Turnkey Forex is popular among forex traders for its tight spreads, low commissions, and great customer service. They offer unparalleled trading conditions combined with their latest technology and platforms. With them, you can trade with both MetaTrader platforms, namely MT4 and MT5. They offer a 100% deposit bonus that reflects immediately after making a deposit with them. They offer features like copy trading, VPS hosting, and PAMM accounts to give you the best trading experience.

With Turnkey forex, you can open ECN and STP accounts to trade. They offer fast order execution speed so that your orders get filled at the best prices. The ease of trade customization and high leverage makes it worth your time and money.


  • Leverage: 1:500
  • Spread: 0.4 pips
  • Minimum Deposit: $10
  • Commission: No commissions
paxforex logo

PaxForex is a popular forex broker that offers fast order execution, low spreads, and high leverage. Traders can also take advantage of fast deposits and withdrawals every time they are making a transaction. Traders can make use of three account types, namely mini, standard, and VIP to trade with them. Beginning traders can make use of free training to excel in their trading careers. They are a trusted broker by many that offer tight spreads starting from 0.4 pips.

They provide their traders with a flexible trading environment where they can customise their trades in accordance with their trading needs. Their customer support team stays active 24/5 for their traders who need help with their trades.  


  • Leverage: 1:500
  • Spread: 0.1 pips
  • Minimum Deposit: $10
  • Commission: $8 per $100k round turn 
sagefx Logo

SageFX is a high leverage brokerage that offers hassle-free trading with good trading conditions and fast market execution. The traders can choose whether they want to go for a standard account, PRO deposits, VAR commissions, etc. on the basis of their trading needs. They offer highly competitive spreads and plenty of trading instruments to meet various client requirements. Currently, traders can have an MT4 account with them.   

They are a no dealing desk broker and have proved to be a trustworthy choice for most traders. They keep introducing new services on their website to provide their customers with the best brokerage services.


  • Leverage: 500x
  • Spread: 0.2 pips
  • Minimum Deposit: $5
  • Commission: $2 per $100k round turn
Finpro Trading Logo

FinproTrading provides its traders with the best trading conditions like the tightest spreads available in the industry. They offer MT4, MT5, ActTrader trading platforms along with various trading calculators and VPS services. They allow users to personalise their trading experiences in accordance with their trading requirements. Traders get to take advantage of user-friendly solutions that meet the needs of all traders from novices to experienced traders.

Their customer support team is super responsive and helps traders with all their trading queries. FinproTrading also offers a dedicated account manager to help them enhance their trading experience and profits.  


  • Leverage: 500x
  • Spread: 0.4 pips
  • Minimum Deposit: No minimum deposits
  • Commission: No trading commissions
SimpleFX Logo

SimpleFX does not charge any trading commissions and doesn’t even have any minimum deposit requirements. They don’t even charge for deposits and withdrawals. Traders can open their accounts with them using their email ids or social media accounts with no hassle. All that traders have to pay for are the spreads and swap charges. They have 15 base account currencies and allow traders to trade 200 plus assets.

They follow customer-friendly economical pricing policies that are easily understandable. For forex, traders can use maximum leverage of 1:500.

What is Leverage?

In forex, leverage can be defined as the act of borrowing money from your broker to invest in a currency pair. Forex traders often use high leverage with the aim of magnifying the returns from favourable price movements. When you use a certain amount of leverage, you make a deposit, known as broker margin, that gives you more exposure to an underlying currency pair. It’s like you are putting in a small part of the total trade value from your pocket and your broker is giving the rest to you.

While we are talking about magnifying profits with the use of leverage, it is also important to mention that it’s a double-edged sword because the chances of making profits at forex trading are equal to that of making losses. So, if you are thinking that leverage can magnify your profits, don’t forget that it can also magnify your losses.

Why Traders are interested in High Leverage?

Most often, you will see experienced traders making use of high leverage. Though new traders are also interested in high leverage, they must first gain some experience and trade without leverage for some time. If you know how to use leverage properly, it can prove to be a powerful trading tool for you. Here are a few benefits of using high leverage that you must know.

Enhanced Profits:

When you are using leverage, you will only have to invest a small portion of the total value of your trading capital to receive the same profit as you would have received in conventional trade. But that the profits are calculated in accordance with the full value of your position, margins can multiply your returns on successful trades. It can either be profits or losses.


By using leveraged products to keep an eye on the price movements, you can take advantage of the markets that are falling and rising by shorting. You will just have to be apt with your market analysis to make the right decision.

Free Up Capital:

When you use leverage, you require a small amount to put at risk per trade. This means that you will be able to save your money for your future trades and can still make big profits today.

Risk Associated with Leverage in Forex Trading:

Well, it’s true that leverage can provide a number of benefits to traders. It does have some risks associated with it that you must consider in order to make informed decisions.

Magnified Losses:

As mentioned before, the chances of making profits in the forex market are equal to that of making losses. So, if you can make magnified profits using leverage, you can also make magnified losses even if you have invested a small amount to trade.

Margin Calls:

If a trade goes against you, even your high leverage broker would ask you to put in more funds to let you keep your trades open, which is called a margin call. You will either have to put in more money or close your trading position.


Your broker lends you money so that you can open the full position at the cost of your deposit. If you let your position open overnight, your broker will charge you for that.

Bottom Line:

If you search around, you will see that there are so many high leverage brokers that promise to deliver great services to their clients but not all of them prove worthy of their words. The brokers listed above are good for many traders. But if you are planning to use any of them, we suggest testing them on your own so that you can make an informed decision.

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