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Finding the ideal forex broker is the need of the hour for each and every trader. For most of us, the selection process takes a lot of time and research as we have many options to go through, and filtering them to figure out the best one is not easy. But thanks to the online reviews that save you time by doing the research on your behalf to give you a quick overview of all the relevant details. This is also one such comprehensive review of a leading forex broker named Fxview. We will cover everything and anything you need to know about this platform before signing up. So, let’s see if your search for a suitable broker can be ended with Fxview or not by answering a few of the most commonly asked questions about brokers in general.

Can You Trust This Broker?

The amount of trust you can place in a forex broker depends on their past record, and Fxview has been a reliable platform for many users all over the world when it comes to trade-related services. But if you ask me what can be solid proof of the trustworthiness of a broker, then I would suggest you have a look at their licences and regulations. In Fxview’s case, they are regulated by a bunch of top-tier authorities, including CySEC and FSCA, which means they will be operating under strict guidelines and will be monitored by these authorities, which are established to protect the interest of traders and investors. So, you can trust Fxview in this regard if you want to trade with a regulated broker.

Are the Trading Conditions Good?

The trading conditions you get on a broker platform can be compared to the condition of a pitch before a cricket match. Even the best baller or batsman will have to play as per the conditions of the pitch. They really don’t get to choose their pitch, but as traders, we do get a chance to choose our own pitch, which is the trading conditions our chosen broker offers. So, talking about the trading conditions offered by Fxview, they are solid and favourable for all types of traders, whether they scalp, swing trade or simply hedge.

You can surely minimise the cost of trading with the raw spreads starting from 0.2 pips and a low commission of $1/100k per side. You can also use leverage up to 500x, which comes with negative balance protection. Those who are from the EU can start trading with a minimum deposit of $200, and for non-EU users, it is $50. Those who wish to avail of the 100% deposit bonus can avail of the same with a $200 deposit. They offer ECN accounts as their primary account type, which ensures fast execution. If you are a Muslim trader looking for swap-free accounts, then the Islamic accounts offered by Fxview can be a good option for you.

What Platforms and Tools Do They Offer for Trading?

Fxview has integrated 3 trading platforms into its website: MT4, MT5 and ActTrader. You can click on the links given below to check them out. 

  1. Fxview MT4
  2. Fxview MT5
  3. Fxview ActTrader

They also have a demo account option if you need a forex practice account to hone your trading skills and create new strategies.

Talking about tools, they have many basic to advanced forex tools which can go well with all types of trading styles and strategies.

You can also have a look at their complete set of trading calculators, which includes a currency converter, pip calculator, profit calculator, position size calculator and more. They even have some advanced options like pivot points and Fibonacci calculators, which are apt for traders using these technical indicators.

Do They Offer Partner Programs?

Yes, they do offer four types of partner programs for users. This includes managed account services via PAMM MAM account investment, where you can invest funds with an account manager or top trader of your preference, and they will handle all trading activities on your behalf. This is a good alternative for those who are unable to manage their trading accounts themselves due to a lack of knowledge or time.

You can also check out their IB program and Affiliate programs as well as they are good to earn some extra bucks by simply promoting the platform.

They also have some good partner programs for aspiring brokers with a white label forex broker solution. New brokers can easily start their own brokerage without building a platform from scratch. This allows beginner brokers to launch their platform within weeks with less investment and Fxview’s support.

Final Thoughts

The final thought I want to share with you all while concluding this review is that Fxview can be a viable option for new and experienced traders. They also have a trained customer support team to answer all your queries which is something that all of us look for in a broker, as timely support and guidance are essential while trading in risky markets.

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