Forex Trading vs crypto trading

Forex Trading vs crypto trading

Forex and crypto trading are two of the most popular forms of trading, besides stock trading. People are often confused between the two and which one to choose. Forex trading refers to the act of buying and selling fiat currencies, while crypto trading refers to the selling and buying of cryptocurrencies, a form of digital currency that is decentralized. Although there are some similarities between the two, forex trading and crypto trading are different. Let’s understand some differences between the two –

1) Mechanism

Forex trading involves the exchange of currencies, while crypto trading involves the exchange of cryptocurrencies. Currency pairs that can be traded in the forex market are EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, and USD/CHF among other major, minor, and exotic pairs. There are fixed currency pairs that can be traded in the forex market. On the other hand, there are countless cryptocurrencies that you can trade. They include cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Shiba Inu, Polygon, Ripple, and Tether among many others.

2) Volatility:

Volatility determines the rate of change in the price movements. Generally, the crypto market is more volatile than the forex market. In addition to that, crypto is also a relatively new market, which makes it less stable since it’s always changing and still gaining popularity among traders.

3) Liquidity:

Liquidity refers to the activity of the market. The Forex market has the largest liquidity. It is a well-established market that has a daily trading volume of over $6.5 trillion. Compared to forex, crypto has less liquidity, but the market has been growing at a rapid pace every year.

4) Operating hours:

The forex market is open for 24 hours & 5 days a week. There are also different trading sessions to participate in forex, The Tokyo, The New York, The UK, and The Sydney Sessions. Unlike forex, you can trade cryptocurrencies 24*7. There are no trading sessions.

Which should you choose?

There is no doubt that trading both forex and crypto can be profitable for you as long as you have the required trading skills. Forex is a stable market with high liquidity, but unexpected events can trigger the market, which could lead to big losses. Crypto, on the other hand, is relatively new but has massive growth potential. However, it has low levels of liquidity. There should be no debate about which market is the best. Both crypto and forex are high-risk, high-reward markets. Ultimately, which one you should choose depends on your skills and how much risk you’re willing to take.

Best brokers to trade Forex and crypto

Here’s are some of the top brokers to start forex and crypto trading-

1) Coinexx –  you can trade both forex and crypto with coinexx. An ECN broker, Coinexx offers some of the best trading conditions in the market.

2) –  the broker is suitable for many trading instruments. Along with comparable trading conditions, you will get a news feed section to stay updated with the market. 

3) Justforex – with this broker, you can trade forex with good trading conditions. Justforex is a good choice for new traders.

4) EagleFx – It is a reliable trader for forex and crypto trading. EagleFx offers good trading conditions, with low spreads and low commissions. 

5) EasyMarkets – it offers trading opportunities in a myriad of instruments, including crypto and forex. EasyMarkets have been serving some of the best conditions on MT4 for quite some time.


Crypto and forex trading are popular, and more and more traders are joining every day to make the best out of them. It is important to know the difference between the two. The main difference between the two is volatility and liquidity. Forex is stable and more liquid than crypto, which is new, although the latter has great earning potential, but comes with greater risk. So, choose according to your needs, knowledge, and risk appetite. Last but not least! Ensure that you pick a broker that fits perfectly your trading requirements. Good luck!

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