Forex News for 14th February 2023

  • EUR/USD: Weakness of US Dollar index results in an uptrend for the pair. 
  • USD/JPY: Vulnerability is seen for the pair with pullback being extended. 
  • GBP/EUR: Economic projections that favour the Euro leads to a price decline for the cable pair. 
  • GBP/USD: Economic data releases will determine the upcoming moves for the cable pair. 
  • AUD/USD: The pair display signs of strength with upward movements. 
  • USD/CHF:  The pair gets some momentum ahead of US inflation data release. 
  • USD/CAD: Consolidates as the Canadian Dollar attempts to rally.
  • BTC/USD: Can expect a market crash again: prediction by Robert Kiyosaki 
  • ETH/USD: The bearish trend will continue for the pair at the moment. 
  • XAU/USD: The gold pair will get signals from US economic data releases.

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