Forex News 7th February 2023

  • AUD/USD: AUD crashed in the wake of shocking NFP figures from the US that had strengthened the US Dollar earlier.
  • USD/JPY: The likelihood of a BoJ policy change will be the main factor driving the USD/JPY lower during the next few weeks.
  • BTC/USD: Sudden Dip in BTC/USD Price Leads to Caution Among Traders.
  • USD/CAD: The Canadian Dollar lost momentum against the US Dollar, breaking a string of weekly gains.
  • EUR/USD: Surprising January Job Data Pushes Fed to Prolong Tightening, Boosting Dollar and Weighing on Euro.
  • ETH/USD: Visa’s large value payments may give a boost to Ethereum. 
  • EUR/JPY: Bullish signals on MACD for the pair. 
  • EUR/GBP: Can expect more action with Eurozone retail sales data. 
  • XAU/USD: Bears are still in action signalling a further decline in gold price. 
  • GBP/USD: The pair lacks stability at the moment but may see rallies for shorting. 

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