Forex Brokers offering Mt4 trading platform


When it comes to trading platforms, there are a wealth of options for an aspiring trader to choose from, but there is one trading platform which is, hands down, the best platform for new traders as well as experts and that is MetaTrader4. Mt4 has set a gold standard for all the trading platforms. It not only outdo other trading platforms in the speed front but also offers a number of in-built indicators. No other trading platform is as flexible as Mt4 and the best bit is it can be customised as desired by an individual user. This is the reason it is one of the most widely used trading platforms. Here is a list of some of the best forex brokers who let you enjoy the impressive feature of MetaTrader4:

1. FinproTrading: FinproTrading is a user-friendly broker that offers Mt4 , world’s most famous trading platform. You can run as many trading strategies as you want without any restrictions or latency in speed. Mt4 can also be used in combination with the VPS provided by FinproTrading. It also allows users to fully automate their strategies and use any expert advisor of their choice.

2. PaxForex: PaxForex also provides the MT4 platform which is an excellent fit for traders to conduct different trading activities with ease and consistency. The trades are executed at the fraction of time which makes it a perfect choice for every trader.

3. Sage Fx: SageFx is another broker who gives their customers access to the largest financial market through the most easy to use trading platform. Traders can have expert advisors aiding them in spotting every opportunity without a miss.

4. LQDFX: Traders from all the levels love to use Mt4 to execute their trades. Brokers like lqdfx let traders utilize the unique features of the trading platform while at the same time providing end to end encryption so that the client’s data can be protected.

5. EagleFx: EagleFx is another Mt4 broker. Traders can not only enjoy numerous in-built tools but can also create their own EAs.

This is the list of a few of my favourite Mt4 brokers. I hope you like it

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