Reasons to choose regulated forex brokers

regulated forex brokers

With a huge daily trading volume of $6 trillion dollars, the forex market is the largest and most liquid market across the globe. While it is indeed exciting to trade in the forex market, it should also be remembered that the forex market is not devoid of risks. Here, choosing the right forex that is […]

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What to Look for in a Trading Platform?

Trading Platform

A trading platform is a software used for placing orders through a forex broker. There are several trading platforms available in the marketplace, but not all are equally efficient. Traders should look for certain features including reliability, responsiveness, product quality, and analytical tools included in them. Since almost all brokers offer a demo account, therefore, […]

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Why are Trading Journals Important?

Trading Journals Important

A trading journal consists of a complete record of all the trading activities done by traders over time. Traders write down the outcomes of all their trades to assess their overall performance. A trading journal helps traders to draw objective information when they start doubting their trading system after a series of trade losses. Light […]

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Forex Trading Versus Stock Trading

Forex Trading VS Stock Trading

It is important for a trader to have a clear insight on the difference between forex and stock trading even though both are a part of the financial market. Forex trading refers to the buying and selling of international currencies, whereas stock trading deals with the trading of stocks or shares of the companies listed […]

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What To Know When Trading GBP/JPY

Trading GBP/ JPY

Informally known as ‘Geppy’ and ‘The Beast’, the GBP/JPY is among the most popular currency pairs to trade. This pair is viewed as a reliable indicator of global economic health. Both Pound Sterling (GBP) and Japanese Yen (JPY) reflect the economic health and policymaking in the UK and Asia-Pacific region respectively.  Despite being used as […]

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Major Players In Forex And Styles Of Trading

Forex and Styles Of Trading

If you have learned the basic terms about forex trading, then it’s time to discuss the market participants to get a better idea as to who is into forex trading. Commercial and investment banks These banks are the foundation of the forex market, as all other players deal with them for participating in the market. […]

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Why is EURUSD the most traded pair?

traded pair

Have you ever wondered why EUR/USD is a volatile currency pair and still considered as one of the Major currency pairs?  The US dollar and Euro are two most important and popular currencies. These currencies belong to the world’s biggest economies which have the largest trading volume.  What is EUR/USD? Euro and US dollar are […]

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What Is A Stop-out Level In Forex And How Does It Work?

Get bigger profits

There are different types of trading styles that traders follow in forex trading, one of which is called ‘margin trading’. This type of trading includes existing and locked-up funds, with the former being called the available equity and the latter being called the used margin. The difference between the two is known as ‘Margin Level. […]

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