What is a Forex Deposit Bonus?

No matter how good the bonus is offered to you by the broker, it is always necessary to choose the broker who is reliable and trustworthy. Always open an account and deposit with a broker that you trust. Choose the broker whose platform you can easily use. Make sure to choose the broker whose conditions you find attractive. It is vital to understand because you are trying to earn a profit and it should be your primary concern and the bonuses should be your secondary concern. Once you finalize the services of the broker based on this points the next step is to choose the broker based on bonuses they offer you.

Numerous forex brokers will provide incentives in the form of a forex deposit bonus & commission free trading month. These bonuses are usually offered to the new customers as a form of a gift. It is also given to attract the attention of the new customers.

First-Time Deposits is referred to as a welcome bonus it is usually given to the new clients. Several Forex Agents will also provide a Forex Deposit Bonus and this type of deposit bonus is usually given to the present clients with specific deposits. Deposit bonuses are given in the form of fixed amount money or in the form of a specified interest of the deposit. One important thing to consider is that in many cases the bonus cannot be immediately withdrawn from your Forex Deposit Bonus.

30% rescue forex bonus promotion

The 30% rescue is a reward offered to the traders. It is a specially designed rescue bonus which a company gives to his client’s under certain terms and conditions. This bonus is applied to all the deposit made into the live account, but it is valid only until the promotional time. This bonus can increase the leverages of your account. Also, bonus protects your account in critical situations. This Bonus Program is designed to preserve accounts from drawdown times.


Characteristics of 30% Rescue Forex Bonus Promotion

It increases the leverages of your account.
Rescue forex bonus is applied to deposit over USD 50.
Rescue forex bonus protects from the period of drawdown.
Rescue forex bonus is Neither Withdrawable nor Losable.
It prevails the leverage of underlying account.

Operating Terms and Conditions of 30% Rescue Forex Bonus

  • It will be transferred on request to the appropriate Trading Account.
  • It will be implemented on every deposit of USD50 or more for the relevant trading account.
  • It can only be utilized to one account per client.
  • This bonus amount cannot be withdrawn under any term or condition.
  • A customer may not receive any information of the margin call if his account starts dropping the bonus offerings amount before his real equity falls below the margin of 70%.
  • The highest amount of the total rescue bonus that can be demanded is 7,000 USD per client.
  • 30% amount of Rescue Bonus will be withdrawn by company account when the customer withdraws money from their account.
  • The bonus will only be withdrawn when client withdraws from initial deposit only. For instance, if a purchaser takes $200 from the initial deposit of $600 than $60 will be subtracted by itself. This amount will be automatically withdrawn from the 30% rescue bonus amount.
  • If the client withdraws all of their own funds from a trading account to which the 30% Rescue bonus has been applied, any remaining 30% Rescue Bonus amounts that have been credited to the account will be removed from their account. The initial deposit of $300, $30 will be deducted automatically from the 30% Rescue Bonus amount that had been awarded to the client.
  • Any bonus amount that has been transferred cannot be reclaimed upon a client making subsequent deposits into the account. This means that any bonus claimed, lost or removed counts towards maximum Rescue bonus of 7000 USD.
  • Active bonus can be calculated by the following formula: Total Active Bonus= Bonus Awarded – (Lost Bonus + Bonus Removal).
  • In case if there are open positions in the relevant Trading Account and the equity in this account is lower than the Active Bonus, then the Bonus reward cannot be credited to the Trading Account till the time there are no more open positions in the trading Account. (Fore more terms & conditions related to bonus, visit Coinexx).

Note: One important thing to consider is that in many cases the bonus cannot be immediately withdrawn from your initial deposit and your Forex Brokers Deposit Bonus.