Best Brokers For Day Trading

Best Brokers For Day Trading

There are many trading strategies in forex trading, but one of the most popular is day trading. It refers to the act of buying and selling currencies within the same day. It is one of the best strategies to make short-term profits. It is a profitable strategy but can be very risky if you lack proper trading skills. Traders have to take care of many things, including risk management, trading psychology, and brokers. A good broker with fast execution of trades is paramount. Let’s quickly understand day trading and the best brokers for day trading. 

What is day trading?

As stated earlier, day trading means the act of buying and selling of currencies within the same day.  It is a form of short-term strategy. But what makes day trading beneficial? It’s volatility. Since the forex market is volatile in nature, there are price fluctuations happening every minute. Traders utilize these price movements and initiate buy and sell orders. As a day trader, you can buy currency pairs multiple times and earn profits. The main goal of day trading is to earn short-term rewards, which requires making quick trading decisions. 

Things to remember while day trading

Even though day trading might sound easier, it is a risky strategy. Here are 3 things that you must follow while day trading-

1) Always start small

The thumb rule of any type of trading is to start small. Day trading is no different. Always trade with small capital. Also, avoid trading with multiple currencies. Pick 1-2 currency pairs and focus on them. EUR/USD or GBP/USD is recommended for beginners.

2) Be realistic

Day trading is not some holy grail to trading; it’s just a trading style. So trade with precaution and have realistic goals. Your strategy might not always work, and that’s okay. But trade with achievable targets and stick to your trading plan. Have a strong risk management strategy and follow a risk-to-reward ratio based on your risk appetite.

3) Be patient

Since you are opening and closing trades on the same day, you need to make quick decisions. However, Do not be hasty! You need to make decisions with proper analysis and trade with patience. Wait for the proper opportunity and then execute your order.

Top brokers for day trading

Day trading can be a profitable trading strategy if you trade with proper analysis, risk management, and trading psychology. Moreover, you should pick a broker with tight spreads and fast trade execution speed for day trading. Here are some good options that fulfill those criteria:

1) Turnkey Forex


3) FXchoice


5) FxGlory

In order to be successful at day trading, practice first on a demo account and then a small (micro) account, and once you are making consistent profits, increase your trading capital. Also, make sure to implement risk management strategies because things move pretty rapidly in day trading, so if you trade without proper risk management techniques, then you may incur losses. Don’t let that happen to you, be a smart trader and trade with concrete strategies.

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